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MindJet releases “MindJet Connect” July 8, 2008

Posted by CK in Productivity, Software.
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I haven’t tried it yet, but MindJet, the creators of my favourite mind-mapping software, have released MindJet Connect: An online mind-mapping tool with real-time collaboration by groups (on a shared mind-map). I haven’t tried it yet, but being familiar with the quality of their products, it should be good. I’ll get back with more as soon as I try it, but if someone can provide a short review (or a link to a short review) here, it would be fine.

I’m wondering if it includes conference functionality (screen sharing, audio/video conferencing, etc). That would be excellent.



1. Gaelen - July 9, 2008

Hi CK,

There’s been quite a bit of coverage on Mindjet Connect from the business and IT press so far and it can be found here, if you want to read a review or two:


The product does contain screen sharing, real time map collaboration, video conferencing (instant meeting capabilities) and chat.

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