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FireStatus October 8, 2008

Posted by CK in Software.
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I must say that I’m not too much into social networks and the like. I used to have a Facebook account, which I deleted. However, countless other people are using them on a daily basis, so those of you who are fans of Firefox will probably find great use in FireStatus. FireStatus is an extension that will let you monitor status updates of your friends in multiple networks (currently supported: Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed) and also post your status updates on them. It has been developed by three old-time friends from the university. As I am familiar with their work and expertise, I’m sure FireStatus will constantly grow better and more feature-rich.

Some more info about the extension at the authors’ sites: here, here and here.



1. Dionysios Synodinos - October 8, 2008

So nice to hear from you after all that time 🙂

2. CK - October 8, 2008

It’s nice to be back! I think we also have some discussion pending? 🙂

3. Panagiotis Astithas - October 8, 2008

Thanks for the support!

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