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Mendeley December 11, 2008

Posted by CK in Research, Software.
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More good news from eScience’08. During the poster session today, I got to meet with the founder of Mendeley, Jan Reichelt. Merely the idea of having something like Mendeley gives me a warm, cosy feeling that someday I will not have to dig through citations for finding the papers that make sense for my research work, but rather the papers will automagically come to my attention (apologies to those who hate the word “automagically”). If this takes off, it could be the best thing created after the snooze button. The idea, in a few words, is to have something like Last.FM for research papers, i.e. match your library’s profile to that of other users, and then make relevant suggestions to you about papers to read or even people (researchers) to contact. On the same time, it is a full bibliographic manager.

Mendeley is still in beta, and has a few problems, but Jan says that they should have a much more stable version rolled out this Monday. I will wait until then and try it out — I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Just as I was getting used to mighty BibDesk



1. saperduper - December 11, 2008

really interesting tool!
btw, have you tried zotero? (http://www.zotero.org)

2. CK - December 11, 2008

I tried Zotero in the past, but was unsuccessful in figuring it out completely and integrating it into my workflow. This is largely related to the fact that I am actually using Safari, not Firefox, so I did not wish to change the browser for the tool (or spend too much time on it). As said, I am currently using BibDesk and I am extremely happy with it! But Mendeley is such a brilliant idea that I would be very willing to try it extensively.

3. Jan - December 11, 2008

Thanks for the nice post! Was good talking to you and getting your feedback. Feel free to send me any further comment or suggestion via e-mail: jan.reichelt@mendeley.com.


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