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S60/E71: Setting the record straight January 6, 2009

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In my previous post I ranted about the Nokia E71 and its operating system, S60. Although I’m still not happy, but I realised I was unfair in some points.

Starting new applications, calling people quickly and the menu: This phone offers voice commands on steroids, as I found out. Just press a key (or the key on your bluetooth headset) and talk. No training, no configuration, it just calls the person whose name you say. Even if it’s in the phone catalogue *in Greek*. Quite impressive. Also, new apps can be started with one of the various shells circulating around. I am currently evaluating Handy Shell and it looks quite ok.

Choosing a specific WiFi access spot for all operations is not possible (or I still haven’t found out how), but it’s not needed either. If you’re constantly on the move, it makes sense to be given the option. So that’s ok.

The keyboard: It seems that everyone’s getting it wrong, even the ones who used to get it right. I don’t know why, if it’s done once it should be done always, right?

Contacts: They *can* be categorised. Contact groups exist, but they are buried in the list of contacts themselves. Not too intuitive, but having good search functionality makes up for it: I can search using latin characters and the Greek contact names come up based on the mapping of QWERTY to Greek letters.

The one, single problem that does exist, cannot be overcome and raises a wall for me, is the lack of TODO categories. I think I will sell the phone for this reason only. How on earth is that possible on a phone like this in 2009?



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