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RSI April 16, 2009

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Due to lots of text writing recently and bad posture while doing that, my somewhat forgotten RSI pain paid me a visit. The neck is still ok (which is strange :-)), but I’ve been unkind to my lower back and, most of all, my hands are in very poor shape. Burning, pain, numbing sometimes, the whole extravaganza. I already have an ergonomic keyboard and the mouse is on the left side for years (although I’m right-handed) as my left hand is in better condition. So now what?

A doctor is probably a next step, but until then, there’s a few things which will hopefully help.

  1. I raised the chair. Having the chair at its lowest point, meant that my hands where not straight but in a rather wrong position, and that I would typically almost lie on the chair instead of sitting on it.
  2. Raising the chair meant that my laptop’s screen was too low now. I do have already a stand for it, but I had to raise it somehow. The keyboard’s box was an excellent solution to this. I think the current position of the laptop in relation to the height of my eyes is now even better than what it used to be.
  3. Third and perhaps most important. I got myself some software to remind me to take breaks. For the Mac, I could find a free one (Time Out) and a commercial one (MacBreakZ). Although Time Out seems very very decent and almost just as useful, there is one thing in MacBreakZ that makes (for me) a huge difference: It suggests specific exercises for every break, taking into account your condition and your usage patterns. Even if the exercises are the same for everyone, I already found they were good for me today, and really enjoyed taking the breaks. So eventually I bought it and highly recommend it for others who wish to do something for their RSI-related pain.


1. Andy - April 19, 2009

Remember the 90 degree rule – elbows at 90, back-to-thigh at 90, knees at 90. Feet flat on the floor, a fist-wide gap between back of knees and chair. I find having greater than a fist-wide stops me from slouching too. Can’t agree more with the break after 20 mins – even if you don’t get to do the MacBreakZ exercises, a walk to get some water will do just as good. Definitely get a fully adjustable stand (I’ve this at home – http://www.ergotron.com/Products/tabid/65/PRDID/11/language/en-IE/default.aspx), external mouse and keyboard.

2. andy.edmonds.be › Twitter Updates for 2009-04-20 - April 21, 2009

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