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The songs you can’t buy May 24, 2009

Posted by CK in Music.
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Sometimes, more often than not, you stumble online on a song which you really like. It’s a video from some live performance of an artist you don’t know, or background music in some web page, or an ad, or whatever. It happens. Then you search, you find what’s the song and what’s the name of the artist; only to realise, the song can’t be found to be purchased online. You’re cursed to listen to it from monophonic youtube videos at 32 Kbps (I guess).


Printing non-printable PDFs May 23, 2009

Posted by CK in IT, Software.
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I recently purchased a certain product, which unfortunately had no English (or Greek, for that matter) manual. I looked online for the product manual, only to find that it was provided as a non-printable PDF. On purpose.

Incompetence of international distributors is not my problem. Buying something in Germany certainly does not mean I am not entitled to a manual which I can read and understand. Also, it doesn’t mean I must read 200+ pages on screen. This was not acceptable.

Solution: Load in xpdf, print to postscript file, ps2pdf. End of story.

Kritharaki May 4, 2009

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A post mostly for fellow Greeks. It turns out, kritharaki is a Greek speciality. I had no idea.