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Registrar January 20, 2010

Posted by CK in Miscellaneous, Networking.
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I recently decided to register a couple of .EU domains, and thought it may be a chance to consolidate my domains under one registrar. I have a .NAME, a .GR, plus these new ones — and you never know what else may come up. So I had to find a registrar who would support these three TLDs at the very least. As the list of Greek registrars is too long to search for .NAME capacity, it was much easier to check out the ones from abroad. Eventually I ended up subscribing to Netim, a French registrar with the service of whom I have been very happy so far. They offer a number of free and low-cost extras, plus a very sufficient management interface.

On another note, I really like how .EU domains are ridiculously cheap, and you get them in minutes. Not much to compare with the process (and price) of getting a .GR domain, which may last up to 20 days AFAIU.



1. adamo - January 20, 2010

My choice for non .GR domains is Gandi (also French).

CK - January 20, 2010

Their “No bullshit” strap line makes me want to convert immediately. If only they did .GR!

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