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The “moving to Linux” experience February 23, 2010

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A colleague suggested that, when it happens, it would be like this. I hope not.



1. Georgios - February 24, 2010

OH YES, it’s like this exactly! Or even a bit worst.

I’ve been using Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) for the last 3 year as a desktop at work and nothing ever works just right (f***ing Open Office I just hate you!!!). Or it will just perform a bit better if you spend countless hours, be a continuous annoyance to your colleagues who “know” and become a guru yourself, whether you want it or not (and not with anything really useful on the OS but with the small stupid details and intricacies that have to do with making the desktop work.)

Two conclusions:
1. Linux is absolutely fabulous as a server but not ready for the desktop. I wonder if it will ever be – the developer EGOs are uncontrollable.

2. I use Mac OS at home, and on my private laptop. Still having Unix available under the hood, the time and frustration saved on the Desktop is worth much more than the price difference and Apple arrogance.

2. ilektrojohn - March 3, 2010

@Georgios What are the things that never work just right ? For me , and when it comes to the everyday use of my laptop/desktop I don’t remember having any particular problems.(Ubuntu/Debian – 4 years – starting from total linux newbie going to linux amateur lately ).
I think that Linux is (and has been) ready for desktop . Whether it’s worth the experience to move from Windows or Mac OS is another story but it is multidirectional . Starting to use Debian , being a Mac OS user for some years can be a challenge .And it can be so , moving from Debian to Windows. But I don’t think it has to do so much with the ease of use of linux per se , as it has to do with what you are used to .

To conclude , stick to the OS that best suits your needs , or give the new one that you are going to try the benefit of doubt.

harry dowler - March 6, 2010

got to agree with . ilektrojohn comments

you must be doing something wrong,I have installed 3 different versions of ubuntu linux on 4 different machines including a laptop and it worked first time and all my out board devices have worked perfectly, mobile phones , wifi , printers etc

the only negative I can see with Linux installations is lack of suitable drivers for Joysticks , But not being a games player not worried about that.

And regarding Open Office , I have transferred many excel , dbase ,word and power point files very successfully , heard the saying bad workperson and their tools.

I have also used wubu emulator successfully on many machines .

I use my pc and open source software in my teaching work and as a Secretary/Membership Secretary for a charity group,

I have not used windows on this machine for 4 years .

And regarding sound on my machine , rather use a dedicated player for music , but my linux machine sounds great when I listening or browsing radio stations on the web.

I have also used other variants of LInux but prefer UBUNTU because it has a good selection of Amateur Radio and Electronics software available

Georgios - March 12, 2010

“heard the saying bad workperson and their tools.”

My point exactly!

On one hand I have the freaking Open Office crashing on me at strange moments with every Ubuntu version since 2006, every time I really need to do real WORK (you know, the thing you earn money from) and not fooling around “this is such a nice OS”. And to play a simple stupid video I had first to loose many hours and then to humiliate myself (“move over kid, let the experts do it”) 100 times to colleagues who themselves tried so many different things on my system which work only half of the time.

On the other hand every time I ever make a complaint I’m branded “bad workperson” or (from others) incompetent or computer illiterate.

Makes me feel the only adorable thing with this OS is the penguin.

3. Peter - April 7, 2010

Nice graph, I like.


CK - April 7, 2010

Yeah, slightly enriched re: the one you sketched πŸ™‚

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