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A short poll December 2, 2011

Posted by CK in IT.

I’m doing a 1-question poll. Let’s assume you can get the following web-based services, all under your own full control (domain name, private data –not “in the cloud”–, possible to export, etc):

  • Intuitive wiki system supporting WYSIWYG editing and file attachments;
  • TODO list management (specifically: GTD-based), possibly with Android/iPhone integration;
  • Bookmarks management a la del.icio.us (without the social features);
  • Standards-based calendar and address-books, that can be integrated with your desktop PIM (Thunderbird+Lightning for sure) or used over a web interface;
  • Your own non-relaying private mail server (incoming + outgoing) with encryption/authentication, anti-spam controls, and Ajax-based webmail;
  • Possibly a dropbox-like service;
  • …and a popular, easy to use CMS for your personal web site.

All of that in a 1st-class data center with power and network redundancy.

The question is: Would you be interested in that as a commercial (managed) product, and how much would you be willing to pay per month, including email-based support?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Update: Just to clarify, this would be addressing privacy-concerned individuals; it is not meant to target large commercial entities, who require different levels of support and integration anyway.