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Got tagged: Applications meme March 15, 2009

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It’s been some time from my last post due to work load, and probably it would be even more if I was not tagged by Panagiotis.

I converted from GNU/Linux (see how politically correct I am?) to Mac OS X more than 2 years ago, so I have lost touch with the scene. However, I’ll give it a try. Unavoidably, this will be a post referring to the past.

  1. Which desktop manager do you use more often?
    I was using KDE since the very early days, after trying pretty much everything there was out there.
  2. Which desktop application you would not like to see implemented again on linux? And why?
    I wouldn’t like to see implemented again any application which does the same things as existing applications. The “I can do it better” attitude has a point only when there is real innovation involved. For a long time now, this has not been the case on the Linux desktop world. As an example of innovation, take a look at mobile devices such as the iPhone and now the Palm Pre. That kind of thinking out of the box is needed, and if someone’s planning to build equally innovative applications or interfaces, please do so.
  3. Which desktop application you definitely would like to see implemented on linux? Describe it briefly or point out to a similar application.
    Not sure if there are such things already, perhaps yes; In any case: Butler, Journler, Things.
  4. Write the name of the last project (not the very best, the last!) that made you wish to thank their developers so you can thank them now!
    Since this is about the last application, it will have to be a Mac OS X one: iCompta. Great little gem! I’ll have to donate at some point 🙂
  5. (Optional) Link the blogs of 1-3 people you’d like to take part to this meme. (no more than three). you can skip this question if you like.
    I want one more Mac OS X user in this. Let’s hear from Andy!

Things April 30, 2008

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Every time I read a new post in the Things blog, i.e. the blog about the development of the Things application, it makes me think that I really can’t wait for the first stable release (1.0) of this little gem. The people at CulturedCode seem to consider exhaustively all different options about the interface and the logic of Things. Looking at how it’s developing, the final result will probably be very exciting. If the current pre-release had iCal syncing implemented, I would have converted already. Thankfully this feature is next in the pipeline.

Mind-mapping on the mac April 14, 2008

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Mind-maps are a great way to keep information about a project organized visually, just like it’s organized in your head. I love their functionality, especially when it comes to brainstorming sessions; I have realized they speed up design (and consensus) significantly. But even for one’s use, as long as you can attach arbitrary files to branches (nodes), they become an excellent note-taking tool. Just as a side-note here, I am using mind maps together with Journler and iGTD for some time now, and this combo really works. Although I’m eagerly waiting for the stable release of Things.

I have been a Novamind user for some time now. Novamind is a great tool in many respects: It’s feature-complete, flexible, stable. Version 3 was ugly and the interface was painful, but v4 fixed that. However, some problems persisted. Chris Heard has written about some of them last year, in a comparison with Mindjet’s MindManager. I had tried MindManager for Mac in the past and I was far from satisfied, but this latest version (v7) seems to actually work pretty well. I downloaded and gave the trial version another shot, and it includes all the functionality which I seem to need (except for multi-page maps, which is a fantastic feature of Novamind). I also prefer the looks of the maps that it creates, but this is only a matter of taste.

I am planning to re-try Freemind, which is free but had a few problems last time I checked. If it doesn’t work out for me, I’ll probably move to MindManager.