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Doh November 25, 2008

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Yesterday evening:



Evolution bug July 8, 2008

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If evolution was working properly, Germans would have integrated umbrellas.

Rebooting elevators June 7, 2008

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Today I returned to Dortmund, being officially an employ of the University. As my flat is still totally empty and sleeping on a bench is not an option, I booked a room at a local hotel. The building is clearly quite old and the hotel is a nothing-special 3-star I-guess-ok-for-the-price place. In any case, the funniest thing happened today:

I’m returning from some shopping, get into the elevator, press the button from my floor, button light goes on, doors close, but nothing else happens. I’m waiting for a while, before I realize that for the first time in my life I am trapped in an elevator. Thankfully, it was just for a minute; the girl at the reception somehow opened the door from outside. Then we realized that the elevator’s control would not respond any more to pressing buttons — it had just died. I’m getting out and start climbing up the stairs, when I see the reception girl running them up, steps three by three, up to the last floor as I found out later on. At the time I guessed she was just checking that people are not waiting in vain, as it had probably broken and they would need to call a technician.

This evening, returning from dinner, I got in the elevator again (I just never learn…) and saw three button lights on — but the elevator was at the ground floor. I asked the guy at the reception about it. The answer was “oh yes, I must go to the 6th floor and restart it, will do”. As it turns out, switching equipment on and off to make it work, is not a privilege of IT as I used to think. I would expect that elevator controllers would have solved such problems ages ago, but clearly this is not the case. Except if the elevator is controlled by some PC-based software 🙂

Umzug nach Deutschland May 11, 2008

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…or, “Moving to Germany” if Google Translate is correct. Some personal news:

I recently had a collaboration proposal from the University of Dortmund, Germany, to move there and work on a new research project. I have worked with these people in the past, and appreciated a lot their style and expertise; furthermore, this project is highly relevant to what I’m dealing with in my PhD, so the challenge was grand. I decided it’s just too good an opportunity to pass, also due to my unfulfilled wish to live abroad for a while.

This last Friday was the last day at my previous job. I liked it there a lot — great place to work. Now I’m implementing project Moving and it’s damn hard. Too many details to take care off. I’ll try to post experience here in another post, in case other fellow Greeks find any use to it in similar circumstances.