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Onyx Boox 60, update May 24, 2010

Posted by CK in IT, Mobility, Productivity.
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I’m loving it.

After a week of using it, I haven’t regretted the purchase at all. PDF compatibility is spectacular, so the main criterion is fully covered. The screen performed very well under all circumstances, even strong daylight (although, it would be nice for dim-light reading if it would be slightly brighter). Reflections are marginal and definitely not an issue. Controls are very intuitive, and the software covers for everything. The touch screen works very well, accurately and is very responsive for e-ink. Judging from other e-readers I’ve seen, this one is definitely in the fast lane. As regards the size of the screen, which is quite small, if you are reading in landscape mode and zoom to selection, it’s totally fine (at least by my standards). Portrait just doesn’t work for normal PDF papers (which is my main use case), especially double-column is completely unreadable. Finally, the included case is very nice indeed, good quality and holds/protects the reader beautifully.

The only thing that needs to be fixed, is to memorize screen offsets when leaving a document. Although not a major problem, it’s a hassle to re-adjust margins every time.

I also experienced a crash within the week, but I assume the firmware is still maturing. Not a problem, really.


Onyx Boox 60 May 17, 2010

Posted by CK in IT, Mobility.
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Being sick of waiting for the Que and shocked by its price tag, I decided to look out there for something else. It took a lot of page views to find the right one, but I think I eventually did. This morning I received the Boox 60 e-book reader by Onyx. It is the same product you can also find re-branded as the BeBook Neo.

Pros: The screen is fairly good to look at (albeit too small, I’ll get to that in the “cons”). Construction feels good and solid. PDF rendering is superb (it was the main reason I chose it, they are partnering with Adobe). Reflowing documents works like a charm. Overall, my first impressions are very positive.

Cons: 6 inches is definitely not enough to read full-page documents. This can be largely improved by switching to landscape viewing, increasing font size, or zooming a lot. The problem with increasing font sizes is that, due to text reflowing, images are not being displayed anymore — or at least not in the PDF I was looking at. Also, some settings are often reset, maybe I’ve missed something though.

I haven’t tested yet things like the WiFi, playing MP3s and the like. I’ll get back with a more complete review after a few days of using it.