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Umzug nach Deutschland May 11, 2008

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…or, “Moving to Germany” if Google Translate is correct. Some personal news:

I recently had a collaboration proposal from the University of Dortmund, Germany, to move there and work on a new research project. I have worked with these people in the past, and appreciated a lot their style and expertise; furthermore, this project is highly relevant to what I’m dealing with in my PhD, so the challenge was grand. I decided it’s just too good an opportunity to pass, also due to my unfulfilled wish to live abroad for a while.

This last Friday was the last day at my previous job. I liked it there a lot — great place to work. Now I’m implementing project Moving and it’s damn hard. Too many details to take care off. I’ll try to post experience here in another post, in case other fellow Greeks find any use to it in similar circumstances.