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Spam March 13, 2010

Posted by CK in IT.
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These last few days, an unusually high amount of spam email goes through Mail.app’s filters. It’s not really much to bother me, but 5-6 messages a day are a huge increase in comparison to 0, as it was the case until now. Do more people have this problem? Did spammers find their way through Apple’s algorithms?


And suddenly, Mail.app let’s all spam through (again) November 22, 2008

Posted by CK in Software.
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It has happened to me in the past, again: suddenly, Mail.app refuses to filter spam mail to the junk folders. This time it happened after a kernel panic which forced me to cold-reboot with Mail.app running. Previous times it just happened. What do you do then? I had tried resetting filtering criteria through the relevant preferences panel, rebuilding indexes, anything I could think off. Eventually I always ended up clearing up anything relevant to Mail.app and importing my old email, to start over training with a clean set up.

Today with some more searching online I found this. I didn’t have to follow the whole advice, just deleting LSMMap2 did the trick — but maybe you will need the whole thing if it happens to you.