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Nokia going Windows. Share price going south. February 11, 2011

Posted by CK in IT, Mobility.
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Not much to say about this. One only needs to read the comments of developers following the announcement that Nokia completely "changes strategy", hand-to-hand with Microsoft. I guess most people expected that, ok, Nokia will test the waters and develop some Windows devices. Or at least that was my assumption. Unfortunately, such close partnership is quite reasonably expected to kill Symbian (which would be ok IMHO), Qt and Meego altogether. Microsoft is not known for its affection towards competitors. The PR talk by Nokia is not convincing.

I guess, it’s not only developers who are not convinced. During the day, Nokia’s share price in the DAX fell by some 14%:

Nokia DAX share price diagram

At NYSE, as we speak, the share price falls by some 16%:

Nokia NYSE/NASDAQ share price diagram

Clever move to go Microsoft, guys. Everyone has lots of faith in this, as you see.


In love with Corbel November 4, 2008

Posted by CK in Design.
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I ran a small readability experiment on a 1-page document, including text only. From all the fonts I tried, Microsoft’s Corbel was the best. Of course it’s a matter of preference, but judging only by how easy it was to read quickly through the text, this font was the least painful to my eyes.

I’m not using Windows and I don’t like Microsoft, but this is the best font I have ever used for plain text in word processors.